Who is Marina Griffin?
Who is Marina Griffin, the person? She's a woman who grew up always steeped in color and texture. Practically born in her mother's favorite fabric stores and sewing room, she has always dreamed in color. But at a young age, she learned to see past the hues of current times and trends. She looks instead to the world's truer colors, and designs jewelry and woven goods that will look good today, and tomorrow.

After raising ten kids, Marina took her weaving and jewelry designing hobbies and turned them into a business. Five of the kids work now with her at Marina Griffin, doing the jewelry production, marketing, photography, web design, and social media.

In 2013, Marina and six of the siblings were ready for a change and moved from our long time home in California to an antique house outside Boston. Besides making the jewelry and scarves, we are all writers or musicians of some kind, so now we have our own artist’s residency - living and working together out of a 200 year old house and  studio.


Marina has sourced beads from around the world, looking especially for “New Old stock”: vintage materials that have never been used. We struck gold when we bought out two warehouses of vintage beads. The sorting of all those beads took more than a whole summer, but it was worth it. The unique beads make our one of a kind necklaces.

Marina has also collected a beautiful selection of rare yarns to make our handwoven scarves.  Merino, cashmere, wool/silk, cotton/silk, and designer yarns come in from around the world, including closeouts at the Chanel warehouse.  Marina designs each scarf by hand, choosing thread by thread which color and texture to place next. After being hand designed, each scarf is hand woven on one of our floor looms.


(The Marina Griffin Team: front row: Kevin, Maria, Grace, Kelly. Back row: Marina, Joy, Joel)

Marina: Head Designer, Visionary, Luminary, Accruer Extrodinaire
Marina loves to collect and create - she has an impeccable eye for the best vintage beads, the best rare yarns.  Once they are in the studio, she pulls together ensembles of color, light and texture with her unique design sensibility.

Kelly: Head of Marketing, Systems Management, and Public Relations. 
Kelly is a master of people and process, and keeps us all from shutting ourselves up with 2 dogs and a neurotic cat. Whenever you email or call a Marina Griffin team member, it will probably be Kelly. All of us are "busy" at the moment.

Maria: Head of Production and Design Apprentice
She is the overseer of production. Every single bead has likely passed through her hands on multiple occasions, from organization to production, to completion. She apprentices, and co-manages Marina's studio.

Joy: Master Weaver, Co-Writer and Social Media Correspondant
Much is written in lore of Joy. She is ambidextrous, and has become one of the self proclaimed Master Weavers left in the world. Just about every scarf you will ever buy from us has over 8 hours of Joy's brilliant life poured into it, and deserves to be treated as such. She is also the person who ensures that those necklaces in your cart will hold together for years to come. Get a response from us on Instagram? She was the person on the other end, pressing send. It was probably an emoji.

Grace: CEO, Head of Keeping Everyone Moving, and Quality Control
Fashionista with enough coffee intelligence to be a barista, and a big enough hipster to run Coachella, she is the perfect person to run the business and keep the rest of us organized. She is also the main reason you are able to receive a high quality product in a timely fashion, without all of us scrambling to find beads, wire, or peace of mind.

Joel: Head Writer, Head Photographer, Website Designer
Joel co-produces all marketing text and creates and/or oversees just about every other scrap of text produced by the team at Marina Griffin Designs. Joel also creates a site that is enjoyable, exciting, and easy to use. He also takes the best photography this side of Vivian Meier, co-manages Marina Griffin's studio, consults (gives unsolicited advice) on most of the business, and is slightly conceited. Nobody, they say, is perfect, but Joel is pretty darn close. *winky face*

Kevin: Media consultant, videographer, world gypsy
A choreographer by vocation, when Kevin isn't traveling the world creating new ballet creations for dance companies, he films promos for Marina Griffin and shares insightful opinions on any new artistic endeavors.

(Yoga and Green with Envy necklace lines on display in the jewelry studio.  They meet with Thomas the cat's approval)

In conclusion, we are merely a family of artists, sharing our work with the world. And this is only the beginning.

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